Repairing the 'Airco of the Earth', by restoring 'natures cooling capacity', will achieve the Paris climate goals cheaper, faster and with more social perspective.

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The following video will give you an introduction to how Earth’s natural living airconditioning works and how, by restoring our green spine, we will be able to create a free but very valuable ‘climate insurance policy’ that will help us save our society.

Besides thickening the greenhouse blanket of the Earth we humans also destroyed the cooling capacity by deforestating high quality green structures with the size of 13 times that of France. You will see that the cooling part is completely different from the greenhouse discussion, but at least as important within the climate discussion. 

The airco is about the role nature plays in the LIVING ENERGY COOLING WATER cycle of the Earth. Remember there is a reason why we call our planet a blue water planet.

Leaving out the airco in the climate equation leads to an overestimation of the temperature effect of CO2 and leads to incorrect climate policy, because temperature rise is the result of both thickening the CO2-blanket and reducing the airco by deforestation together. This summer it came out that the temperature rise is underestimated. The underlying reason is that the climate models cannot properly model the role of clouds. We show that clouds are not properly included, because the role of nature is not properly included in the climate equation. The positive side is that by adding nature in the climate equation we get more real perspective in restoring our climate!!

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We are currently working on making our findings transparent to a wide audience (part of that is working with other scientists, a new website, video’s, etc.). If you want to help us financially, with practical support, with knowledge or read our thesis*, please contact us.

Serving food & water structures and cooling our Earth by functional greening our society and restoring nature.

"It is hard to be cool without being green."

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