Your Life!

Your Life! is about Tackling Climate-Change by Greening Earths Surface for swift Cooling-Down of Earths Atmosphere.

You are the Stakeholder on a rapid Climate-Changing Planet! 

You’ll be  the Stakeholder Tackling Climate-Change! 

But who is “You-the-Stakeholder”?

  • The Global Government (UN/UNEP) Partners/Participants/Officials save-guarding worldwide Peace and Welfare.
  • Impact/Funds Parners/Participants/Officials establishing a Green-Structure-Sustainable-Economy.
  • National Government Officials to Act-Now! Before it’s too late!
  • NGO Partners/Participants/Officials establishing Green-Structure-Circular-Economy.
  • Municipality/Community Officials to shift from Urban/Agricultural deserts to OGS-Gardens of Eden.
  • Enterprise Representatives to develop OGS-linked products.
  • “ Our-Commons”; clean air and water; a liveable environment represented by You!

This page will provide you the link for participating in the Youtube Live-stream Community “ Your Life; Calls from the Field & Wake-Up for Solutions Meetings”.

You can also participate in the Google+ Community “Your Life! Our-Green-Spine!”

But how can  “You-the-Stakeholder”  Tackle Climate-Change ? Link Become a Bloubird?

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration