Abilities & Effects

Green-Structures define largely the environment in their vicinity, enhancing liveability.

Green structures give shelter against extremes in warm and cold seasons making cities and country sides less vulnerable for climate extremes.

Green-Structures have the power to do this because of their exceptional abilities to Control the Key-Processes Radiation, Wind and Water-Cycle which their turn define the Climate around Green-Structures.

Green Structures moderate living climate in their vicinity by Control of Key-Processes and moderating effects exceed the Spatial Footprint of the Green-Structures.

Every Green Structure has an effect/influence area which surpasses it’s initial surface.

The Effect-Footprint of Green-Structures exceeds the Spatial-Footprint making Green-Structures a Preferred Partner for Tackling-Climate Change from City to Countryside embedding all needed functions as housing, infrastructure, industrial production, agriculture in their Effect-Footprint.

A the same time Green-Structures have the ability to produce a wide variety of products; biomass, fibres, food enabling development of Sustainable/C2C production cycles.

The most important ability of Green-Structures is their capacity to define Climate over immense large areas when Effect-Footprints are linked.

Linking Effect-Footprints is a Key-Factor to create a World-Wide Biotic-Pump System able to  Cool Earths Atmosphere.

All Green-Structures with their Effect-Footprints carry our existence functions therefore being Our-Green-Spine.

Obviously “making of Our-Green-Spine”, the World-Wide Biotic-Pump System,  appeals to a sophisticated Effect-Design-Strategy as provided by Our-Green-Spine.org.

Our-Green-Spine is about Your Life in a Climate-Changing World and therefore organizes “Calls from the Field & Wake up for Solutions Meetings” in Spring & Autumn via You-Tube Live Events Livestream. Link Your Life!

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration