Stop CO2-emissions and effect massive CO2-uptake

A large scale cut down of CO2-emissions is urgent.  Greenhouse gas-caused warming is felt in just months. Link

And do you know that similar climate destabilizing events in the (early) middle-ages (between 700 – 1100); large scale deforestation and atmospheric pollution, caused the fall of the Maya civilisation in Central-South America and triggered the “Little Ice age” in Europe? For interesting docs & articles by independent researchers/sources Link now!

Our Green Spine provides the possibility for cutting down CO2 -emissions  but also for a massive CO2-uptake world-wide by large scale re-greening of our planet. How-on-earth……….?

Read all about it on the Our Green Spine-site! Link

Warming-up of the medieval climate in Europe and South-America was caused by deforestation
Deforestation due to medieval urban & agricultural development



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