Smart Encounters of a unique kind

What happens when you  put a small team of capable, really smart people, dedicated to “tackle climate change themselves”, together?

Eh… they attract high ranked really nice people;  our Dutch Prince Constantijn and Prinsess  Laurentien and… our Dutch Queen Máxima showing their fascination for top sustainable development  & design! It was an honour and our pleasure to meet you!

Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien
Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien
Queen Máxima! 
Queen Máxima! 

Well,  there we are! Engaging in an new way of living, an new way  of completely Self Sufficient Housing & Homing? Meet Tiny TIM:

A mixture of modern architecture and traditional elements hides a revolutionary completely self-sufficient housing/homing system including worlds first Mobile Water Purifying & Energy Producing Green Wall.
Current state of construction. But what does Tiny Tim hides beneath it’s beautiful skin? (click on image).

And something beautiful has happened: Tiny TIM is a big winner!

In Dutch Language:nederlandse_vlag

Bouwexpo Almere Tiny Housing Contest: Link  + booklet winners; chapter Pioniers” . Link

Where to meet Tiny TIM?  In October this year at the Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven between 22 October and  30 October.

nederlandse_vlagIn Dutch language:

Impression of Tiny TIM; NOS op 3 (short item “3,41”). Link 


In Dutch language:

Look at  the Tiny TIM House-site. Link

Tiny TIM is a project of  founding-team: 

  • Faro Architects. Link
  • Waitlands (association of Climate Change Science Students). Link
  • I See For You Photography. Link

and  co-team/co-makers:

  • Our Green Spine. Link
  • Green Art Solutions. Link
  • Ruiter Electronica. Link
  • Triple Solar. Link 
  • Zwart Hout. Link
  • C. VanderGrift-Bouw. Link

Our-Green-Spine Smart Encouters  & Products is an example of multi-disciplinary co-creation (“smart encounters of a unique kind”).

But is there any further involvement of Our-Green-Spine?

Yes indeed! Self sufficient empowerment of Tiny TIM by ” Tiny Gardens of Eden” based on Our-Green-Spine landscaping.

A Tiny Garden of Eden” establishes a pleasant, moderated climate around the Tiny TIM houses.

The embedding of Tiny TIM houses in the by Our-Green-Spine  carefully designed shelterbelt structures of the “ Tiny Garden of Eden” results in the establishment of a little green (micro) climate planet which moderated temperatures in warm and cold  seasons, moderated wind velocity and effective water management improving the efficiency of  the Tiny TIM houses resulting in a “negative ecological footprint”  including even CO2 -uptake!.

Tiny TIM bases embedded in Our-Green-Spine "Garden of Eden".
Tiny TIM & Our-Green-Spine. Picture of FARO-Architects





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