Shoot the messengers?

World-wide rising sea-levels threatens human civilisation. In his discussion-paper Hansen and his team provide a clear view on the effects of warming up our atmosphere and oceans. Carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase speeding up climate change. Before ending of this century we can face the devastating effects of climate change. Hansen is attacked by his peers; there is a desire to shoot the messenger for bringing bad news…

But there are more messengers and more alarming messages. A few  compelling cases…

  • Convection in the Thermohaline-circulation (Conveyor-belt) decreases as salinity decreases and  temperature in upper layer increases which simply means that a significant slowdown or even a shutdown within a generation time is possible. Unfortunately, as Hansen et al.  explains, climate change processes aren’t linear; effects multiply by time.
  • Compelling evidence of non-linear processes is provided by independent research institutes from Germany and Poland (IFM and IO-PAS) showing a temperature rising in the North Atlantic surface waters of 0,9 degrees Celsius between 1995 – 2001 but between 2005 -2006 there was a temperature rise of 0,7 degrees Celsius. In one year time temperature increased nearly as much as in six years before. Seems to me alarming enough.                                                           So what? Well, a slowdown of the conveyor belt will change our climate in Europe and the VS dramatically; a new little ice-age will emerge with devastating  effect on our living conditions and economy.
  • A US/UK/Chinese/Indian team of experts (David  King et al.) warns for threatening of (Chinese) coastal cities by sea-level rising .
  • In 2003 a Pentagon study by Peter Schwartz, former head of planning for Shell Oil, and Doug Randall of the Global Business Network (a California think tank) raised the possibility that global warming could prove a greater risk to the world than terrorism predicting the first effects of global warming appearing starting from 2010. Africa was predicted to get warmer and dryer. Well climate change provoked in The Fertile Crescent (North-East Africa) the worse drought ever between 2007 and 2010. The drought caused widespread crop failure and a mass migration of farming families to urban centers. The drought had a catalytic effect, contributing to political unrest and triggering civil-war in Syria.  The large quantities of refugees entering Europe result form climate-change triggered events…
  • Large scale deforestation between 660 – 1000 caused climate change in Mid and South America (Douglas Kennet; environmental anthropologist, Pennsylvania State University). Droughts between 1020 and 1100 caused crop failure famine mass migration and death; downfall of the Maya civilisation cause by man triggered climate change. Meanwhile in Europe the little ice age emerged between 1350 and 1850 possibly triggered again by large scale deforestation  between 800 -1500 and large scale emissions of dust, sulphuric components and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Simultaneous processes in Mid/South America and Europe possibly triggered climate change destabilizing and eliminating societies. Can you see the parellel between history and our current situation?
  • The Economist warns for world wide climate change related economic damage between $ billion 4.200 and $ billion 7.000. Hansen also warns for the cost of denial and calls for immediate action.

So shall we shoot all this messengers or are you ready, do you dare to take the challenge and tackle climate change by Our Green Spine?

And the costs? No costs only gains (short time return to invest) by developing smart business cases (already starting); for instance smart urban wind turbines combined with Our Green Spine Structures to optimize gains, Our Green Spine based  zero CO2-emission off-grid freezing & cooling for storage & transport,  Our Green Spine based water recirculation, Our Green Spine based energy management, Our Green Spine based (massive) CO2-uptake……..

So decide what you want;  Our Green Spine or face Climate Change threats:

Our Green Spine or a nice kiss
Our Green Spine or a nice kiss?




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