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Engelse vlag  Courses “light” & “extended”

Tackling Climate Change by our selves is a challenge which demands for comprehensive tools. Those necessary tools are provided by the Our Green Spine  course  “light” which serves domestic users or serves as entry for the Our Green Spine course “extended”; a course programme for future Our Green Spine professionals. 

The “light” course  for domestic users/ but also for entry to the course “extended” is directed to all practical daily purposes; provides “tools” for straightaway use. The amount of theory is limited but  provides the necessary background information  to get  your selve acquainted with the “tools”, the effects of using single and combined “tools“.

The “extended” course as follow-up of the “light” course  provides a much deeper theoretical background by explaining processes and  phenomenon’s and the interaction between processes.  The“extended” course provides comprehensive information to create tools and obtain the desired effects with the created tools and above all the ability for development of new tools. Tackling Climate Change  by our selves is provided in a comprehensive but technically  profound course for professionals. Professionals? Yes, for instance those who are  committed in processes from policy making to design and implementation like impact-inverstors,  policy makers & politicians, but also urban planners & designers, sustainable product-developers, pressure groups and organisations but also  future Our Green Spine-teachers.

Knowledge of English and German language is demanded as a necessary ability in order to read and understand the provided scientific background information. The abilities to think and act towards solutions in new and unique situations and settings, which comprise much more than  Climate Change adaptation/mitigation, are key abilities for students.

The “light” and “extended” are putting a bright  spot, from the beginning, on alle the chances we have to Tackle Climate Change by our selves and the immanent incentives even for your direct domestic economy.

Link: Our Green Spine course”light” (domestic users/entry to”extended”).

Link: Our Green Spine course “extended” (professionals).

For those particularly interested in ready made products/components/ development & co-creation: Link Smart Encounters & Products.

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