Our Green Spine course “light”

Engelse vlag Domestic use/entry

De Our Green Spine course “light” for domestic use or as entry for Our Green Spine course “extended”:    

Cooling down the Earths  atmosphere:  

  •  The Radiation balance & Atmosphere’s control panel.  
  • The 5 control levers  and what you may achieve.

A comprehensive toolThe Design-Effect-Database

  • Introduction to the Design-Effect-Database.                                                                            

 Key-processes underlying the Design-Effect-Database:

  • Knowledge about and recognition of key-processes: radiation, wind, precipitation & water management.
  • Knowledge about and recognition of the effect of plantation on key-processes: radiation, wind, precipitation & watermanagement.
  • Knowledge about CO2-uptake & the amount of CO2-uptake by plantation + sequestration of CO2 (Links with Plan B, C2C, Blue |Economy).

And Therefore:

  • Designing (with Our-Green-Spine know-how) of climate change resilient residence.
  • Designing (with Our-Green-Spine know-how) of climate change resilient & food producing residence.
  • Designing (with Our-Green-Spine know-how) of climate change resilient & energy producing residence.
  • Designing (with Our-Green-Spine know-how) of climate change resilient & water purifying residence.

Length of the course programme: 1 weekend of 4 intensivetheory and experience sessions.       

A more detailed content  course programme is visible on the protected part of the site. For entry a password is needed. A password will be provided after receiving payment. Link to “Content light” 

  • Subscription for  the course programma: Link Contact or use mail tag (envelope) on message page (first page  you will see opening this site). For effecting a course programme a minimum of 15 subscriptions is needed.
  • Costs Our Green Spine course “light”: € 250,- (including VAT) per student for a challenging weekend. Payment to be received 1 week prior to  start of planned course programme. Possible/additional travelling costs for your teacher outside the Europe are not included. Ask for additional charges in Australia/New Zealand/South America/United States. Exceptional offer for 2017: Your price  for the Our Green Spine course “light” will be a free gift! What you pay depends on what the value of course is for you personally.   
  • Dates/locations:  see “Upcoming events” on every site-page.
  • for a overview of all the course dates of  course programmes: Link “Course agenda Our Green Spine“.


Our Green Spine: very early blossoming snowdrops on a radiation and wind controlled hotspot