Impact Investors/Funds

According to Schroders asset management  (Link) Climate change will be a defining driver of the global economy, society and financial markets over coming years, decades and beyond.

But rebuilding Global Economy on less carbon-intensive foundations is insufficient for rapid Cooling-Down of Earths Atmosphere;  the temperatures continue to  rise, Climate-Change Effect to escalate; investors will be unable to avoid its impacts.  

Our-Green-Spine is a multi-disciplinary approach towards Climate-Change not only offering a evidence based technical approach but also a model/strategy for virtually green investment (Impact-Investment; have a look at GIIN-Investors Council (Link) to reshape global economy (without stressing value) to a potent green version able for cooling  Earth’s Atmosphere in short-time (which can’t be achieved by low-carbon solutions alone) to protect value at relatively low cost compared to inevitable losses on GDP/GWP when global temperature rises above 2ยบ C. 

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