We all own share in a stock  called “Earth” and most of us know that mankind fires Climate-Change processes imposing severe threats upon us. But not all shareholders face the same threats but all shareholders are linked and dependent of each other.

Investors can loose lots of value when production area’s are affected by Climate-Change which will reflect on your job and pension(s) but can Impact-Investment turn the tide? 

Governments will be confronted with sharp rises on infrastructural costs/losses on general assets. But also  value losses/losses on private assets due to  Climate-Change will provoke economical crisis and political instability due to  Climate-Change.                                         

NGO’s will be confronted with a growing demand on their aid & program development capacities to solve effects of Climate-Change/Climate (events).

Communities will face fast growing costs to keep their territories livable and safe….. Enterprises survival depends on stability of investment and related market…..               

 Global Government will be confronted with political instability and global safety issues when GDP’s/GWP falls due to Climate-Change events.

And “Our Commons”; you and me? Well we’ll pay for it by losing income, livability, safety…… 

De-carbonizing takes much to much time to prevent a Climate-Change crisis and related economical and safety crisis but combining developement to a low/no carbon economy together with Our-Green-Spine’s apporach to cool Earth’s Atmosphere will serve us all…

Greening Earth’s surface  as rapid and effective strategy to cool Earth’s atmosphere  counts for all stakeholders but every type of stakeholder demands for a different approach due to it’s role in society.   Our-Green-Spine’s multi disciplinary approach provides opportunities for every “branch” of shareholders to cool down Earth’s  Atmosphere. Opportunities for Global Government (Link), Funds & Investors (Link), National Governments (Link), NGO’s (Link), Communities (Link), Enterprises (Link), Our Commons (Link).

The design strategies & tools are already there , but also the hardware; from green roof parks unto off-grid cold chains for industrial use, off-grid cold chains for developed and developing countries Link Smart Encounters & Products.