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A challenge for an offensive approach towards climate change.

Climate Change poses immediate threats to us, but we are capable to cope with that. Capable? Indeed by  Our Green Spine  helping  taking  the challenge to tackle climate change by our selves here and now! 

A shortcut  to the link between earths rising temperatures and related  threats but luckily also to solutions to tackle climate change by our selves, here and now!, by evaporative cooling of earths atmosphere,  is provided on the background information page “Site-links/docs& articles”. Link 

Tackle climate change by our selves but at which costs? No, wrong question! Better ask “At which incentives or how many “bucks” to gain?”

And there are incentives in the can for everybody, everywhere! For individuals and communities, for enterprises and investors, in cities and on the countryside, all at low costs and short return to invest. Isn’t it challenging?

But what is Our Green Spine exactly about? For broadening your view, for gaining horizon, read all about it: Link Our Green Spine? 

For those particularly interested in a sustainable/climate resilient country life there is the Our Green Spine -country-branch Good Life Now!Link Good Life Now!

For those particularly interested in ready made products/components/ development & co-creation: Link Smart Encounters & Products.

Our Green Spine: controlling the key-porcessess radiation and water-management by flowerpower.