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“Smart Encounters”  are business to business project links & business to business product links. Participating enterprises are independent co-operating and co-creating business partners of Our Green Spine. So “Smart Encounters” means  business-to-business co-creation together with Our Green Spine  of unique smart product s & various smart business-cases without being part of Our Green Spine.

Closed carbon-dioxide loops  by Our Green Spine & Co-Creators

  • O-energy Cold-Chain Europe/Africa & closed carbon-dioxide loops/providing raw materials for industry/adding value to enterprises.(NDA)
  • 0-energy cool/cold storage and transport solutions Europe/Africa & closed carbon-dioxide loops/adding value to enterprises. (NDA)
  • Landscape maintenance & Landscape development  Europe/Africa & closed carbon-dioxide loops/value to enterprises. (NDA)
  • Green Energy mangement. (NDA)


Green Water Purifying Wall tested for reliability and for waste water purification
Green Water Purifying Wall = Reliable Waste-Water Purification

The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is developped to reduce water consumption and provide drinkable water everyhere world-wide.

  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is an advanced off-grid water purifying system  based on controlled filtering processes in root zones of water purifying plant species. 
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is to be used for purifying black and grey waste water
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is to be used as pre-purifying filter system to secure water quality of wells.
  • Water quality assessment proves that waste water processed by the Green- Water-Purifying-Wall is drinkable.
  • All parts of the Green-Water-Purifying-Wall are standardized.
  • Reliable hardware and electronic interface for off-grid energy production and storage for the Green-Water-Purifying-Wall itself but alos for auxiliairy use. 
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall can be transported to all loctions with an 4×4 + trailer
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall needs little time to be installed on  location and for starting the waterpurification process
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is suitable for small scale food production
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall  provides moderate CO2 uptake 
  • The Green-Water-Purifying-Wall  provides cooling capacity by evaporation.

 Green-Water-Purifying-Wall is a co-production of Greenartsolutions and Our-Green-Spine


Green, Greener, Greenest, Tiny-TIM!  The Top Reliable 100% Self Sufficiency!

nederlandse_vlag  In Dutch Language:

Link: Tiny-TIM + Link:  booklet winners; chapter Pioniers” . 

Green Art Solutions:

Green roofs/roofgardens/roofparks/air and water purification/water management/Our Green Spine urban & landscape design. Green Art Solutions is engaged in Tiny TIM project: Link

For a brief view to Green Art Solutions’ products:

  • Link: Green Roofs.
  • Link: Roof Gardens .
  • Link: Roof Parks.
  • Link: Green Air and Green Air & Water Purifying Walls (in co-creation with Our-Green-Spine)
  • Link: Green Water-management.
  • Link: Green Energy-mangement. (NDA)

For contact: Link to contactpage

or Link site of Green Art Solutions    (Dutch Language)

Our Green Spine Roofpark by Green Art Solutions
Our Green Spine Roofpark by Green Art Solutions

Ruiter Electronics: 

Development of electronic systems/fuel converters for hydrogen/electric vehicles.

Deverlopement of experimental lightweight electrical vehicles.

Experimental lightweight electrical vehicle

Development of equipment for alignment on highways and airports.

Smart (custom made) advanced sustainable energy solutions. Smart product  & system development. Ruiter Electronics is engaged in the  Tiny TIM project: Link 

CDWU (Cool Down/Warm up: 

Smart solutions for controlling  inside  box to inside thermal processes between -80˚ C – +90˚C. Cold-Chain solutions.  

Reflexy & Isoconcept:


Insulation and Infra-red solutions from box to building. 


Low cost noise-abatement, air-purifying & solar-energy CO2-uptake screens (in co-creation with Our Green Spine).

For a brief introdcuction to the Green4Roads’ products : Link Green4Roads

For contact: Link to contactpage

or Link site of Green4Roads

Desinging a Green4Roads highway
Desingning a Green4Roads highway
The making of a part
The making of…
Covering the artificial structures & no graffiti!
Covering the artificial structures & no graffiti!
Developping a road as a landscape
Developping a road as a Greened Landscape.

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration