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Pieter-Paul de Kluiver

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Our-Green-Spine is Pieter-Paul de Kluiver msc. (in origine interdisciplinary researcher: Penitentiary-law/Criminology/ Social-Psychology). Born in  Singapore at the 29th june 1958;  Expat, (Singapore, Indonesia, Iran).

My passion for “green” and “country-life” was awakened  in the relatively unspoilt parts of the  Ardennes hilly country landscape. Practical experience was gained by working on organic farms from Denmark to Greece. A tough learning process where I gathered knowledge from handling a chainsaw , to a sustainable way of building up soils,  to planting and maintaining shelterbelts, to creating microclimates, to sustainable agriculture and sustainable building and much more. After this practical learning-process I noticed that the best thing I could do was to extract key-knowledge from my experiences, put it  into a scientific & practical frame and make a life out of it. And so it  happened.  Our Green Spine and Good Life Now! are therefore branches from a tree planted some 30 years before,  branches having the same origin/ being complementary to each other. My background as interdisciplinary researcher provides a sound  foundation for the Our Green Spine  and  Good Life Now! course programmes.


Green roof/Green Art Solutions Professional scope                   

Since 2001 independent consultant, researcher and designer in the field of sustainable/  resilient urban and landscape design which means  using plantation to establish energy saving/energy producing & purifying  urban and country landscapes,  climate-change  adaptive  and climate change resilient urban and country landscapes.  The last branch of the ever growing tree is development of a active approach towards climate-change  Tackling climate-change by ourselves, here and now!” supported by challenging course programmes.  During the 2001 -2014 I was partner in  ES Consulting,  now I-am independent  Our  Green Spine-teacher consultant/designer/product developer  in a broad network of sustainable product designers and  developers.     


Air purifying desing of Ring Antwerp Promoters/Principals


Dutch Government; NEO-NOVEM, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Dutch Landscape Association, communities in the  Netherlands, Belgium and  Germany, infrastructure developers, real estate developers,  environment pressure-organisations, sustainability-organisations, private principals.


Reduction of Windchill = Energy saving up to 40%Awards


  • Nomination IDNL-contest-Years Supreme Innovation  with “Energetic Urban development  system”.
  • Innovation award Infra-tech 2009: Zero-emission highway together with infra constructor/developer BAM-Infra.
  • Jubilee award  Centre for Agriculture and Environment: Shelterbelts and gains for agriculture.  
  • Almere Bouwexpo Tiny Housing:  Award Pioneers.


Green Noise abatement screenProduct-development


Transferring know-how, air & water-purifying green-roof & wall solutions,  Zero-energy heating  for existing buildings and new building works, zero-energy low-budget cold-chains for developing countries, zero- energy cold-chain/transport & warehousing systems, urban an country landscape development,  closed carbon-dioxide loops/providing raw materials for industry, closed carbon-dioxide loops/adding value to enterprises.


Self-sufficient Housing

Green, Greener, Greenest, Tiny-TIM!  The Top Reliable 100% Self Sufficiency!

For those particularly interested in ready made products/components/ development & co-creation: Link Front Runners.