The Biotic Pump

We know already that Rain- Clouds are transported from oceans towards continental landmasses. But what happens on the continents?

Russian Scientists Dr. Anastassia Makarieva and Dr. Viktor Gorshkov discovered the principles of the transport of Atmospheric  Moisture/Rain Clouds over our continents.

Precipitation over large forested area’s is not dependent on the distance form the oceans as long a the forest area’s are in each others effect/influence area. When the chain of effect-linked forest is broken, precipitation cannot travel further land inwards; moistened air can’t be transported over bare areas!

But how is this chain of Forests/ Green-Structures functioning?

The local atmosphere of a green landmass is relatively dry after rain but the surface (ground level) of the landmass is moistened by the precipitation. The Green Structures/Forests start Active Evaporation being warmed-up by radiation (sun light). The atmosphere slowly regains Water-Vapour (active evaporated by the Green-Structures).

Over Green-Structures the atmosphere is more rapidly “filled” with Water-Vapour than oceans can do.

The more abundant Water-Vapour is in the Atmosphere above a Green-Structure, the more air pressure rises in the Atmosphere above a Green-Structure so a “ higher air-pressure column”  filled with Water-Vapour is established above a Green-Structure.

When sufficient Water-Vapour has accumulated over a Green-Structure  Condensation can start in the Atmosphere so Rain-Clouds are formed, swiftly resulting in precipitation.

Due to the precipitation the Active Evaporation Level is considerably reduced.

And now we meet a novel physical principle as formulated by Makareiva/Gorshkov: A Low Level Air-Stream from area’s with a lower  Active Evaporation level to area’s with a higher Active Evaporation level is established.

So a  Low-Level Moistened Air-Stream flows from a wetter area to an adjacent dryer area, is “sucked in”.

Now the Active-Evaporation-Level in the dryer area starts to rise when it’s covered with Green structures and the Atmosphere over the Green Structures is filled with Water-Vapour.

The cycle starts again resulting in pumping moistened air to the next adjacent dryer area, to the next…. all over our continents.

This “pumping mechanism is called The Biotic-Pump ” 

The biotic pump is run by Green-Structures with a high “leaf-Area-index” meaning a high level of leaf-coverage.

This also means that breaking the chain of Green-Structures on a continent means interrupting the Biotic-Pump (likely) resulting in desertification of large area’s.

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We know now that Green Structures are indispensible to formation of Rain Clouds. We also know that Rain Clouds are formed by Condensation of Water Vapour and that Water-Vapour is Active Evaporated by  Green-Structures.

We know also how Water-Vapour/Rain-Clouds are transported all over continents by the Biotic-Pump.

But what happens when Water-Vapour changes in Rain Clouds; changes in Water-Drops?

What happens with the energy  “stored” in Water-Vapour? Since energy is a constant factor it can’t disappear. Read about astonishing and newest scientific insights about the process of Condensation and Cooling Earths Atmosphere. Link Cooling Atmosphere

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration