This page is about Strategies to Tackle Climate-Change

 In previous pages you’ve learned about the Cooling Capacity of Green Structures.

Tom Goreau presented us a perfect show case in his Youtube presentation about re-establishing the Biotic-Pump by Re-Forestation of the hills around Rio de Janeiro moderating the local climate by the cooling capacity of the newly planted forest all just in very moderate time-lapse. Link

So Green-Structures Cool-Down Earths Atmosphere and we can achieve results swiftly if we re-green Earth World-Wide.

The needed Spatial-Strategy and technique is provided by Our-Green-Spine.

But what about CO2 levels?

During the beginning of the Holocene levels of CO2 in Atmosphere were about 220-240 PPM, creating a comfortable insulation blanket preventing a massive cooling down of Earths Atmosphere.

During the Holocene until the MWP CO2-levels rose to approximately 280 PPM due to Deforestation and dropped to 260 PPM during LIA by Re-Forestation.

So until beginning of the 19th Century changes in CO2-levels were not triggering Climate-Change.

Changes in Climate (MWP-LIA) were triggered by changes in the cooling capacity of Green-Structures. Less Green Structures (deforestation) means less Cooling-Capacity of Earths Atmosphere

More Green-Structures means more Cooling-Capacity Atmosphere.

Beginning of the 19th Century the perspective changes from a Forest-Driven Economy towards a Fossil-Driven & Forest-Driven Economy resulting in large Emissions of CO2; CO2-Levels in Earths Atmosphere rocketing to above 400 PPM.

Was the CO2 blanket first benevolent to Earths Climate now it has become a Green-House blanket making Earths-Atmosphere warm-up rapidly.

We are near a temperature rise between 1,5 – 2,0 degrees Celsius or even more this century.

So rising CO2-levels are largely responsible for warming of Earths Atmosphere.

But Deforestation can ad another 1,5 degrees Celsius, scientists warn.

Since our economy is not only Fossil Driven but also Forest Driven this notification is completely in line with the Main Law Earths Temperature; Deforestation warms Earths Atmosphere/Reforestation Cools Earths Atmosphere.

So by Rising CO2-levels and added Deforestation temperature can rise between 3,0 – 3,5 Degrees Celsius.

What can we do to Tackle Climate-Change Now and Later?

CO2-sequestration and Reduction of CO2-Emissions certainly will reduce CO2-levels in Earths Atmosphere and therefore be effective for obtaining a cooling effect; Cooling-Down Earths Atmosphere within a time-lapse of  hundred to several hundreds of years. Even if we cut CO2 emissions to zero now!

That’s a lot of time but Earths Atmosphere warms fast, much faster than predicted before, threatening future of mankind; we cannot wait hundreds of years to Cool-Down Earths Atmosphere. That will be simplyto late to secure mankinds’ future.

On the other side we can gain a lot of time by Swift Re-Greening Earths Surface with Our-Green-Spine’s Effect-Based Spatial Design Strategy capable for Cooling-Down Earths’ Atmosphere by Leverage of Natures Own Processes.

The time gained by Our-Green-Spines Re-Greening modus must be used to a substantial CO2-sequestration and Reduction of CO2-Emissions  otherwise Earth’s Atmosphere will Warm again after initially being Cooled-Down by Our-Green-Spine’s Green Structures.

A summary of previous pages and guidelines for acting is provided at the Site-Page Link Summary

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration