Need for Our Green Spine

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There is an immediate need to cool down our atmosphere. At the same time there  can be an immediate need to cut down CO2-levels in our atmosphere.

Only 10-40 years are left before the tipping point is reached. The point of no return after which Climate Change runs out of control.

Cutting down CO2-emissons is not the complete answer because the amount CO2 in our atmosphere has already reached a critical dangerous level. So it’s time for mass-CO-2 uptake. Now! And if you don’t agree about that you’ll sure under stand the  need of cooling down of our planet. Now!

An that is what Our Green Spine is able to achieve: immediate and long term cooling down of the earth atmosphere combined with immediate and long term mass CO2-uptake. Mind you, no sustainable system or measure nor climate pledges Link can achieve this in short time.

Our Green Spine is a perfect match with Blue Economy and Cradle to Cradle but  nor Blue Economy, nor Cradle to Cradle (essential for a sustainable “pure planet”) are able, on such a short time, to achieve Our Green Spine’s benefits. We’ll tackle Climate Change by our selves, here and now!

And remember,  Our Green Spine  means Safety and $, endless resilient “Bucks”

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Our Green Spine roofpark controlling key-processes, velocity, radiation and water-managment
Our Green Spine roofpark by Green Art Solutions