Need for Our Green Spine

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Engelse vlag Needs & Benefits of Our Green Spine

There is an immediate need to cool down our atmosphere. At the same time there  is a immediate need to cut down CO2-levels in Earths’s Atmosphere.

Only a few years are left before the tipping point is reached. The point of no return after which Climate-Change runs out of control. Link + Link.

Cutting down CO2-emissons is not the complete answer for Climate-Change-Reverse because the amount CO2 in our atmosphere has already reached a critical dangerous level. So it’s time for Climate-change-Reverse by cooling down Earth’s Atmosphere and at the same time  mass-CO-2 uptake. 

An that is what Our Green Spine is able to achieve: immediate and long term cooling down of the earth atmosphere combined with immediate and long term mass CO2-uptake. Mind you, no sustainable system or measure nor climate pledges Link can achieve this in short time.

For “ins and outs” of Our Green Spine; the need of Our Green Spine and what you can achieve with Our Green Spine sit-down for a little while  and take a  bit time to tune yourself on to  Our Green Spine (Link)

Our-Green-Spine provides a deeper view on reality of Climate-Change and Climate-Change-Reverse (you may use  following Link to obtain as much back-ground information as you like). 


Primary Our-Green-Spine offers a systematic approach towards Climate-Change-Reverse for everybody involved;  for All Stakeholders! Please jump to following (Link 

Our Green Spine roofpark controlling key-processes, velocity, radiation and water-managment
Our Green Spine roofpark by Green Art Solutions