Is OGS Geo-Engineering? Perhaps by interfering in natures own processes as Climate Change is. But nowadays Climate-Change is triggered by mankind.

Contemporary Geo-Engineering “solutions” are always mono-culture solutions with unknown side effects. 

That’s also why geo-engineering is incredibly dangerous. Every effort to Tackle-Climate Change need to be based on Natures Own-Processes . Efficiency and harmlessness needs  to be proved by historical sources. 

OGS is based on a 6.000 years historical track-record and a wide range of contemporary multiple disciplinary research.

OGS-cost is a fraction of all Geo-engineering “solutions” we should need for Cooling-Earths Atmosphere.

OGS-strategies for Cooling Earths’ Atmosphere are long lasting because they are based on Leverage of Natures Own Processes.

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration