Cooling Atmosphere

Time to get a deeper view on heat-exchange in Earths Atmosphere. Is Water-Vapour a Green-House-Gas or does Water-Vapour transfer Energy into space?

When Water-Vapour Condenses into water droplets the (latent) heat of the Water-Vapour is released. The change from Water-Vapour to Solid Water Drops is a Phase-Change process.

During a Phase-Change process electrons drop from higher energy level to a low energy level. That’s the moment when energy is released with a specific wave length.  

Electrons with a discrete energy electronic level emit photons when falling from a higher level into a low level.

When Water-Vapour condenses, water molecules from high level (gas) transform into a low level (liquid). In this process energy* (Atmospheric Water Vapour stores Energy; latent heat**), is released as small discrete chunks of energy  named “Photons” in  Electromagnetic Waves with a distinctive and detectable wave length.

So the way energy transferring to the atmosphere by phase-change processes is not by heat transfer but in the way of emitting electromagnetic radiation waves, most of them radiating to the space, just a few of them radiating to the ground.

In simple terms this means that Energy is transferred from Earths Atmosphere into space and therefore Earths Atmosphere is cooled down. 

All we need is sufficient Water-Vapour provided by Green Structures by means of Evapo-transpiration processes.

* It takes energy to evaporate water: i.e., to free the molecules from each other as well as work against local atmospheric pressure to create space for the additional gas. Thus atmospheric water vapour stores energy. When condensation occurs in the atmosphere stored energy is released—some is converted to latent heat.

**Latent heat can be understood as heat energy in hidden form which is supplied or extracted to change the state of a substance without changing its temperature. Example is water-vapour condenses to raindrops which is a phase change process.

For background theory about Electromagnetic waves and particles (photons) Link Electromagnetic Waves and Particles ( > Photon Energy) + Link 

Having absorbed all previous information about the ability of Green Structures to Cool Earth Atmosphere the question rises if events in history provide evidence for theory (previous pages) and can put now-a-days science in a broader frame.  Well have a further look! Link History & Temperature

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration