Our Green Spine?

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Engelse vlag Our Green Spine: an offensive climate-change strategy!

Our Green Spine is more than sustainability it’s about  developing climate-change resilience  by a offensive climate-change strategy. Of course Our Green Spine urban & country landscapes are sustainable but  with Our Green Spine  you get  the best possible value for your efforts by your efforts: covering earth with interrelated “Climate-Change- Resilient urban & country landscapes ” resulting in cooling down earths’ temperature & mass CO2-uptake Link Water evaporated from trees cools down global climate.

 Our Green Spine is not  about making city or country parks but Our Green Spine is about  changing cities & agricultural landscapes in into (cooler) climate-change-resilient living & production parks by a smart designing strategy.  And you will be the smart designer. Our Green Spine tackles climate-change thanks to your input.

Our Green Spine provides the technical knowledge, design strategy and design tools towards cooling down urban & country landscapes  and finally earth temperature all framed in a climate-change-resilient economic development.

From sustainable cities and landscapes towards “Climate-Change -Resilient urban & country landscapes” is a little but ingenious step. You need to know “ins and outs” about the simple predictive tool, the Our Green Spine effect database.

Our Green Spine operates a simple predictive tool, the effect database, which shows the impact of “changing stone cities and agricultural deserts into “Our Green Spine Gardens of Eden”. Effects in temperatures, energy demand, interception of rain, evaporation, run-off, air quality, CO2-uptake, renewable energy production, food production, processing of CO2 as  valuable raw material for industry , ecology etc. are linked to every square foot or square meter of “Our Green Spine structures”. So, by operating the effect database you can predict the immediate effects of your design on urban and agricultural landscape. The effect-database supports largely Permaculture, Transition Towns, Cradle to Cradle and Blue Economy processes by providing a technical framework. Creating a resilient economy,  creating Safety and $, lots of  resilient “bucks” is now within your immediate reach! For you and your family,  for local economies, for micro entrepreneurs  but for instance also for product-developers, scientists and clever investors understanding the mass capacity of CO2-uptake  by Our Green Spine urban and agricultural landscapes and putting it into closed CO2-loops. Following link provides a seductive example exploring CO2 as raw material. Link (for inventors/pioneers/scientists)

So have a look at the shortlist of benefits and stakeholders of  Our Green Spine:

  • For you and your family Our Green Spine provides a green safeguard against extreme conditions, premium quality food directly available and being financially more or completely independent.
  • For Industry; providing valuable raw materials/commodities.
  • For enterprise owners/investors adding value to financial rating of Our Green Spine treated enterprises.
  • For city planners, investors, property developers Our Green Spine  provides more value for the same money and much less operational costs.
  • For  (industrial) product developers and designers, for architects and urban designers Our Green Spine  helps you being more sexy on the market.
  • Short time return to invest for everybody involved; form 1 to 6 years depending on complexity of the Our Green Spine case.
  • For country-life, leaving now-a-days cities’ stress and pollution Good Life Now!, hands-on and theory including  Our Green Spine topics, provides a green safeguard against extreme conditions and skills for being independent.

And above all:

The design tools are already there, but also the hardware; from green roof parks unto off-grid cold chains for industrial use, off-grid cold chains for developed and developing countries. Link Smart Encounters & Products.

For Course programs Link: Course Programmes.

Our Green Spine garden: controlling key-processes velocity, radiation and water-management by green structures