Our Green Spine?

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Engelse vlag Our Green Spine: an offensive Climate-Change-Reverse strategy!

Our Green Spine is more than sustainability it’s about  Climate-Change -Reverse  by cooling down Earth’s Atmosphere. Of course Our Green Spine urban & country landscapes are sustainable but  with Our Green Spine  you get  the best possible value for your efforts:  direct and controlled impact on energy-transmssion in Earth’s Atmosphere by use of the cooling capacity of water-vapour.  This means covering Earth with interrelated “Climate-Change- Reverse urban & country landscapes” resulting in Cooling Down Earth’s Atmosphere & Mass CO2-Uptake.

For a brief introduction to complex processes;  Evapo-Transpiration &  The Wastercycle Link “Water evaporated from trees cools down global climate”  + Link “The water-Cycle”

 Our Green Spine is not  about making city or country parks but Our Green Spine is about  changing cities & agricultural landscapes in into (cooler) Climate-Change-Reverse living & production parks by a smart spatial designing strategy.  

Our Green Spine provides the technical knowledge,  spatial design strategy and design tools towards cooling down urban & country landscapes  and finally Earth’s Atmosphere all framed in a climate-change-resilient economic development.

From sustainable cities and landscapes towards “Climate-Change -Reverse urban & country landscapes” is a feasible but ingenious step. You need to know “ins and outs” about Our-Green-Spine.

Our Green Spine operates a sophisticated predictive tool, the Effect-Database, which shows the impact of “changing stone cities and agricultural deserts into “Our Green Spine Climate-Change-Reverse-Landscapes  Effects in evaporative processes, temperatures, energy demand, interception of rain, run-off, air quality, CO2-uptake, renewable energy production, food production, processing of CO2 as  valuable raw material for industry , ecology etc. are linked to every square foot or square meter of “Our Green Spine  Climate-Change-Reverse-Landscapes . So, by operating the  Our-Green-Spine Effect-Database you can predict the immediate effects of your design on urban and agricultural landscape. The effect-database supports largely Permaculture, Transition Towns, Cradle to Cradle and Blue Economy processes by providing a technical framework but where  Permaculture, Transition Towns, Cradle to Cradle and Blue Economy aren’t capable to establish immediate and large scale capcaity for swift cooling down of Earth’s  Atmosphere Our-Green-Spine  is benevolent  to these environtment impact systems.

Creating a Climate-Change-Reverse-Economy, is now within our immediate reach! For Global Government, for Impact-Investors, for National Governments, for Municipalities, for Enterprises and Our Commons  (you and your family) understanding Our Green Spine’s power to make Climate-Change-Reverse reality!  

Perhaps you understand now  the instrumental value of Our-Green-Spine’s  offensive and time-effective Climate-Change-Reverse strategy!  But for a more profound view on the  need of  Our-Green-Spine  Link “Need for Our Green Spine”

Our Green Spine garden: controlling key-processes velocity, radiation and water-management in   a back-yard!
Green fine tuning to control key-processes