Understanding OGS

Before entering the following serie of linked pages it’s  usefull to get a bit knowledge of the OGS-terminology…  

Cooling Earths Atmosphere means keeping temperatures in control starting from Earths surface until transfer from heat into space.

Land Degradation means Earths Top-Soil-Layer losing its fertility, water-uptake and waterbuffering capacity due to removal of covering Green-Structures. In the gravest scenario uncovered Top-Soils are completley removed by wind and water resulting in Barren Landscapes.

Land Regeneration means restoring Earths Top-Soil-Layer fertility, water-uptake and waterbuffering capacity by Re-Greening Earths Surface.

Key-Processes Radiation/Wind/Water-cycle, dominate the local, regional and global climate. Controlling these processes means controlling the local, regional and global climate.

But…. The Key-processes interact,  for instance a  area with low green coverage warms up by the sun, humidity drops and as warm air rises, air pressure drops and wind begin to blow from higher pressure area’s. This happens from local to global scale.

Green Structures is a container term from forests to hedges, to tree/shrub rows, green facades, green roof parks, parks meadows….

Evaporation means the phase-change process where Water changes to Water-Vapour triggered by a lack of Water-Vapour in Earths Atmosphere (Vapour-Pressure Deficit). This is a completely autonomous/passive process therfore wich we call “Passive Evaporation” 

Evapo-transpiration means that plants, heated up by sunlight, sweat water-vapour keeping themselves and surrounding area cool. This is an active process; plants can control the amount they evapo-transpire by closing or opening their stomata. Evapo-transpiration is “Active Evaporation”. 

The Water-cycle: is a chain of physical processes starting with Water from the ocean, heated by sunlight, being transformed to Water-Vapour. We call this process Evaporation.

Ascending Water-Vapour cools down in Earths Atmosphere and becomes clouds/rain clouds by condensation.

When rain falls on Green Structures Earths Atmosphere is re-nourished by Evapo-Transpiration with new Water-Vapour which becomes again clouds/rain clouds. Rain-water is carefully transported by green structures to soil level where water infiltrates and becomes part of the sub-surface transport system feeding well, and rivers and finally flowing to the oceans again.

Condensation: when Water-Vapour cools down, in higher colder layers of Earths Atmosphere, it changes into solid water-drops. Heat previously stored in the Water-Vapour is now released.

Interacting Green-Structures:  Every Green Structure has an effect/influence area which surpasses it’s initial surface. For instance the Amazon Forests not only define climate in South-America but also on neighbour continents where subsequent forest structures again define climate on their own continent but also to  on neighbour continents. The forests are interacting with each other.

But also a well designed tree-row has an Effect Area from tens to hundreds of metres a round. When a next tree row is planted just with in the effect-area of the first tree-row, the Effect-Area is more than doubled. So the tree-rows are interacting with each other.

Spatial Design Strategy means using the  interacting effect of Green Structures which leaves a lot of space at disposal for other means like housing/industry/transport.

Green-Structures are designed in a highly efficient spatial systems to meet all urban and country-side function demands and yet become completely green.

Power of OGS:                                                                                                                                          OGS uses natural solutions, Natures Own Forces, cost effective/low cost solution with in reach for everybody well instructed.

OGS cools down Earths Atmosphere in short time (Within 30-50 years) providing the necessary time for cutting down CO2-Emissions and CO2-Removal to establish the long term effects (> 50-100 years)  on Earths Climate.

So OGS supports CO2-emission reduction/sequestration policies by filling the time-gap left open by CO2-emission reduction/sequestration programs.

Do You want to know more about OGS/Natures Own Forces and the ability to Cool Earths Atmosphere? Link Natures Own Forces

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration