Knowing history; future on your side?

Could we engage a new Little Ice-age? Current research denies such a scenario because a solar minimum couldn’t result in the abrupt regional cooling down of Europe and Northern America. But what was the main cause of the Little Ice-age? Sure; we know that changes in the atmosphere can result in abrupt changes of local climates; within a period of 10 years, exactly what happened in the 14th century. So it seems to be clear that volcanic eruptions were due to climate change reactions caused by mass emissions of  fine dust and acidic particles in the atmosphere. Man made changes didn’t trigger climate-change at that time?Please lets have a closer look:

Between the 8thand 12th century large parts of Central America (and partly South-America were de-forested. Between the 9th and 15th century large parts of Europe were deforested.

Both in South/Central-America and Europe societies were completely dependent of wood for building homes, ships, industrial processes and household consumption resulting in:

  • Massive output of fine dust and acidic particles
  • Massive output of dust particles by agriculture
  • Sudden warming up due to changes in the atmosphere  caused by losing evaporation process based cooling-capacity of forests; no forests, no cooling of the atmosphere!

As we observe from medieval sources; paintings and archives, climate warmed up until the beginning of the 14th century and collapsed after in a very short period of 10 years causing mass famines and social disruption* all over Europe and Central-America. At  almost the same time, middle 14th century The Plaque reduced population by 90% in cities and 50% on the countryside. Also in Central-America population was reduced by wars, famine and diseases.

Disaster in medieval society

All this Resulted in a gradual return  of forests witnessed by historical sources (for instance local tax-books) as witnessed by the French historian Le Roy Ladury describing how landowners complain the changing of agricultural grounds in to forests due to lack of labour capacity caused by  The Plaque  mortality rates.

The overall effect of these events was:

  • Re-growth of forests resulting gradual in a new atmospheric equilibrium in the early 19th century.
  • Much lesser emissions fine dust and acidic particles.


As we know, recently by European research the climate mitigating Thermohaline-Circulation (THC) is responsible for climate mitigation in large parts of the North-American and the European landmass. But due to rising temperatures causing mass melting of landice, causing changes of density in upper layer of the Norht-Atlantic,  the THC can be at risk. The collapse of the THC will cause large scale climate-chance from North-America to Central-Asia, from Europe to North and east-Africa. Link

As we know, in the 19th century deforestation started again in Europe and also in South, central and North America so we are loosing rapidly our climate mitigating/cooling capacity. Also emission of fine particles are risen to unprecedented levels. All resulting in the same events as in the middle-ages.

  • Massive output of fine dust and acidic particles
  • Massive output of dust particles by agriculture
  • Sudden warming up due to changes in the atmosphere  caused by losing evaporation process based cooling-capacity of forests; no forests, no cooling of the atmosphere!


Whether you believe or don’t believe in the role of  the contribution of  CO2-emissions to climate-change, there is enough probable evidence in history sources to link “the Little Ice-Age” to man-made changes in the atmosphere.


Veteran climate scientist James Hansen (Former NASA CEO) warns us  urgently sharp rising of sea levels due to melting of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets and at the same time that  the  climate mitigating Thermohaline-Circulation (THC)can be at risk again within a few decades from now. Link


Man made changes did trigger climate-change stating from the 14th and most likely will trigger major climate change effects within a decade/a few decades.

Tres Riches Heures Maart
Large scale deforestation in Middle Ages
Kleine ijstijd Guadarrama
View of Little Ice-Age in Southern Europe


What has been changes for the worse can changed for the good by massive re-greening our city and agricultural landscapes. Link

So  re-greening? But far more effective by  Our Green Spine and for more beneficial to business by developing endless real green (Our Green Spine) business-cases.

By knowing history you can predict the strength of Our-Green-Spine: Knowing history is having future on your side.

So will want to have the future on your side by tackling climate change yourselve by Our-Green-Spine?


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