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Engelse vlag   

The Good Life!-course is a highly practical tool, based on Our-Green-Spine design principles,  for those wanting to leave cities’ stress and pollution behind and start a challenging and independent country life.

Good Life! is all about  country life, physical and economical independence/self sufficiency;  do’s & don’ts, hands-on and theory including  Our-Green-Spine topics like landscaping; creating your own oases, saving energy and producing energy, purifying water,  climate change resilient building.

The Good Life!-course provides you the necessary/basic skills for a  successful and  self-sufficient contry-life, provides a clear view on possible hazards/failure factors an therefore enhances  chances for success. Link for a  deeper view on motivational aspects and the value of The Good Life!-course. 

nederlandse_vlag For a translation in Dutch, Link for a  deeper view on motivational aspects and value of The Good Life!-course.

The Good Life!-course presents you a lot of new and nice and interesting things, like low-budget-and eco-building,  but also how to enjoy your country life (traditional cooking, slow-food, making liquors), making a life out of…; access tot courses like building traditional canoes, building tree-cabins,  willow-craft and art,  reed-craft and art, and also many inspiring B&B’s, camping’s……

Your choice to follow the The Good Life!-course supports your steps towards the realisation of “something deeply desired/ desired for a long time” so Link  Good Life!-courses.

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration