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Smart Encounters of a unique kind

What happens when you  put a small team of capable, really smart people, dedicated to “tackle climate change themselves”, together?

Eh… they attract high ranked really nice people;  our Dutch Prince Constantijn and Prinsess  Laurentien and… our Dutch Queen Máxima showing their fascination for top sustainable development  & design! It was an honour and our pleasure to meet you!

Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien
Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien
Queen Máxima! 
Queen Máxima! 

Well,  there we are! Engaging in an new way of living, an new way  of completely Self Sufficient Housing & Homing? Meet Tiny TIM:

A mixture of modern architecture and traditional elements hides a revolutionary completely self-sufficient housing/homing system including worlds first Mobile Water Purifying & Energy Producing Green Wall.
Current state of construction. But what does Tiny Tim hides beneath it’s beautiful skin? (click on image).

And something beautiful has happened: Tiny TIM is a big winner!

In Dutch Language:nederlandse_vlag

Bouwexpo Almere Tiny Housing Contest: Link  + booklet winners; chapter Pioniers” . Link

Where to meet Tiny TIM?  In October this year at the Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven between 22 October and  30 October.

nederlandse_vlagIn Dutch language:

Impression of Tiny TIM; NOS op 3 (short item “3,41”). Link 


In Dutch language:

Look at  the Tiny TIM House-site. Link

Tiny TIM is a project of  founding-team: 

  • Faro Architects. Link
  • Waitlands (association of Climate Change Science Students). Link
  • I See For You Photography. Link

and  co-team/co-makers:

  • Our Green Spine. Link
  • Green Art Solutions. Link
  • Ruiter Electronica. Link
  • Triple Solar. Link 
  • Zwart Hout. Link
  • C. VanderGrift-Bouw. Link

Our-Green-Spine Smart Encouters  & Products is an example of multi-disciplinary co-creation (“smart encounters of a unique kind”).

But is there any further involvement of Our-Green-Spine? Continue reading Smart Encounters of a unique kind

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Knowing history; future on your side?

Could we engage a new Little Ice-age? Current research denies such a scenario because a solar minimum couldn’t result in the abrupt regional cooling down of Europe and Northern America. But what was the main cause of the Little Ice-age? Sure; we know that changes in the atmosphere can result in abrupt changes of local climates; within a period of 10 years, exactly what happened in the 14th century. So it seems to be clear that volcanic eruptions were due to climate change reactions caused by mass emissions of  fine dust and acidic particles in the atmosphere. Man made changes didn’t trigger climate-change at that time? Continue reading Knowing history; future on your side?

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Shoot the messengers?

World-wide rising sea-levels threatens human civilisation. In his discussion-paper Hansen and his team provide a clear view on the effects of warming up our atmosphere and oceans. Carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase speeding up climate change. Before ending of this century we can face the devastating effects of climate change. Hansen is attacked by his peers; there is a desire to shoot the messenger for bringing bad news…

But there are more messengers and more alarming messages. A few  compelling cases…

Continue reading Shoot the messengers?

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Stop CO2-emissions and effect massive CO2-uptake

A large scale cut down of CO2-emissions is urgent.  Greenhouse gas-caused warming is felt in just months. Link

And do you know that similar climate destabilizing events in the (early) middle-ages (between 700 – 1100); large scale deforestation and atmospheric pollution, caused the fall of the Maya civilisation in Central-South America and triggered the “Little Ice age” in Europe? For interesting docs & articles by independent researchers/sources Link now!

Our Green Spine provides the possibility for cutting down CO2 -emissions  but also for a massive CO2-uptake world-wide by large scale re-greening of our planet. How-on-earth……….?

Read all about it on the Our Green Spine-site! Link

Warming-up of the medieval climate in Europe and South-America was caused by deforestation
Deforestation due to medieval urban & agricultural development



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