OGS “Extended”

Engelse vlag Profound knowledge

Our-Green-Spine “Extended”-course providing profoud knowledge about the origins of Climate Change, underlying processes  and how to Tackle Climate-Change.

The OGS-“Extended” course provides the In-Depth foundation of OGS (which is based on multi-disciplinairy scientific research) and links theory  to practice in challenging in-depth OGS-Theory and Design-workshops.

Capita  selecta of the OGS- “Extended” course:

Fatal Loops:

  • More is better
  • Minimizing Finacial Risk/Accept Environmental Costs
  • Mismanagement of Earths’ Resources                                                                              

Saving Loops:

  • Sustainability is better
  • Accept Controlled Financial Risk/Non-Accept Financial Impact
  • Care-Management of Earths’ Resources

Fatal Loops & Climate Impact:

  • Mismanagement of Earths’ Resources/LUTC
  • LUTC/Bare Landscapes
  • Value at Risk at Climate-Change

Saving Loops & Climate impact:

  • Care-Managment of Earths’ Respources
  • LUTC/Greened Landscapes
  • Costs/Avoided Costs
  • OGS Business-Chains

Cooling-Down Earths  Atmosphere (In-Depth):  

  • History/Main Laws Interglacial/Holocene/MWP/LIA/Now
  • The Biotic Pump
  • Cooling-Down Earths Atmosphere
  •  Earths Control-Panel.  
  • The Key-Processes and what you may achieve.                                                                     

 Key-Processes (In-Depth):

  • Deep-Knowledge about and recognition of key-processes: Radiation, Wind, Water management*.
  • Deep-Knowledge about and recognition of the effect of plantation on key-processes: Radiation, Wind, Watercycle*.
  • Deep-Knowledge about CO2-uptake & the amount of CO2-uptake by plantation + sequestration of CO2 (Links with C2C, Blue |Economy, Plan B)*.
  • Key processes:  Radiation, Wind & velocity, Water-Cycle*. Literature-studies**.
  • The effect of plantation on Key-Processes: Radiation, Wind, Watercycle*. Literature-studies**.
  • Employment of plantation in urban and country/agricultural settings linked to  interaction with key porcesses*. Literature studies**.
  • Operating the  Our Green Spine-effect database + developping the ability to derive all data  from literature*. Literature studies**.
  • Operate the  plantation-design-databases*. Literature studies**.
  • Designing of a climate resilient urban and country/agricultural environment with acquired Our Green Spine-knowledge.
  • Designing of a climate resilient and food producing urban and country/agricultural environment with acquired Our Green Spine-knowledge***.
  • Designing of a climate resilient and energy producing urban and country/ agricultural environment with acquired Our Green Spine-knowledge***.
  • Designing of a climate resilient and waterpurifying urban and country/ agricultural environment with acquired Our Green Spine-knowledge***.
  • Al designs produced during the workshops will be reviewd. A student will be regarded as a ” Professional Our GreenSpine-Designer “ after 20 design sessions  (incorporated in  2-weeks Our Green Spine-design-workshop. 

A comprehensive toolThe Design-Effect-Database (In-Depth):

  • Building the Design-Effect-Database.        

 *     Day-programm: 2 morning  sessions 2 hours/2 afternoon sessions 2 hours.     **    Evening reserved for individual literature studies linked to day programms.  *** Morning untill Evening program.

Duration of the Our Green Spine  “extended” course: Part I: 5  intensive theory and experience sessions during 5 days (1 week of 5 days) together 44  hours. Part II: 5 intensive design sessions during 5 days of 12 hours per day (1 week of 5  days) together 60 hours.  The Our Green Spine “extended” course trains also the capability of students to work under time-stress.

  • Subscription for  the course programma: Link Contact                                      For effecting a course programme a minimum of 10 subscriptions is needed.
  • Costs Our Green Spine course “extended”: Part I: € 3.150,- (including VAT) per student for 5 challenging days-sessions,  together 44  hours.       Part II: € 3.600,- (including VAT) per student for 5 days of 20 challenging design sessons, together 60 hours. Payments to be received 2 weeks (14 days) prior to  start of planned course programme. Possible/additional travelling costs for your teacher outside the Europe are not included. Ask for additional charges in Australia/New Zealand/South America/United States.
  • Cost reduction Part I & Part II:  reduction of costs per student up to 50% is granted in case of:  own recruitment by fellow students/providing course infrastructure (loacation/building), course hardware and catering (on organic level).
  • Dates/locations:  see “Upcoming events” on every site-page.
  • For a overview of all the course dates of  course programmes: Link Course Agendas