Climate-Change jumps on us with ever increasing speed. Only a decade away scientists made us believe that major rise of sea-levels, temperature rising > 1,5º C and slowing down of the Gulfstream or AMOC was something happening in the coming  century; well after 2100. But the messaging has changed; scientific research has revealed shocking facts making clear sea-levels rise far more faster than ever expected, the AMOC declines with surprising speed and can even become instable coming 20-30 years and temperature rise easily can surpass the 2º C boundary before 2100.

All this means OGS needs to be accepted within 10 years as major strategy for swift Cooling-Down of Earths Atmosphere world wide.

Within 30-50 Years Earth’s Atmosphere can be Cooled-Down with 1º C – 1,2º C by Greening Earth’s surface from city to country side.

To meet this timetable OGS needs Ambassadors; professionals spreading OGS’ story.

Of course a OGS-Ambassador is a Bloubird; a Stakeholder and OGS-trainee bringing hope and joy. Moreover the OGS-Ambassador input is emphasized on communication and funding for OGS.

To Tackle Climate-Change in time; before Climate-Change Tackles mankind, OGS needs urgently Ambassadors.

If you’re willing to contribute to OGS’ efforts please contact us. Link