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Getting to the core:

  • Scientists confirm “critical link” between CO2 emissions and warming. Link
  • Video “Water evaporated from trees cools global climate”. Link + background info about water cycles: Link + Link

Threatening climate change events & effects in a short time from now. Info-guide:

  1. Loss of all coastal cities video. Link + Hansen “I don’t think I’m an alarmist”. Link
  2. Collapsing Greenland glacier could rise sea levels by half a metre! Link
  3. The North Atlantic Climate: what we need to find out. Link  + Rapid AMOC: A decade of climate observations. Link + Exceptional slowdown AMOC. Link + Link
  4. Melting point Greenland. Link Melting isce sheets changes the way earth wobbles on his axis. Link + Greenland sees record-smashing early ice-sheet melt. Link
  5. Extreme Ice. Link
  6. NASA: First Map of Thawed Areas Under Greenland Ice Sheet. Link
  7. NASA Discovers A New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland. Link
  8. Little Ice Age, big chill. Link + Snow in June. Link
  9. Pentagon report. Link + Link + Link + Climate Change stirs refugee crisis. Link
  10. Why the Maya fell. Climate Change? Link
  11. The cost of inaction: Recognising the value of risk at climate change. Link + Link

Path towards saving our souls = to tackle climate change by our selves!  Info guide:

  1. Water evaporated from trees cools global climate. Link + Link
  2. Video “Water evaporated from trees cools global climate”. Link + background info about water cycles: Link + Link
  3. Our-Green-Spine: Finding leverage by natures own processes. Link
  4. Need for Our-Green-Spine. Link

Link to interesting  sites:

    • Why the Maya fell. Climate Change? Link
    • Water evaporated from trees cools global climate. Link
    • Video “Water evaporated from trees cools global climate”. Link
    • Rapid Climate change: Monitoring the Atlanctic Meridional Overturning Circulation. Link + Understanding Rapid Climate Change Research Program. Link
    • Early Warning signals of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. Link
    • What’s going on in the North Atlantic? Link
    • Climate variability and predictability program. Link + Annual report 2015. Link
    • New Forests for Africa. Link
    • Large CO2-uptake by young(er) forests. Link
    • Arctic News. Link
    • Climate plan. Link
    • Extreme Climate Change Report. Link 
    • Ocean portal. Ocean Acidification. Link
    • Sustainable building. Link

Link to interesting documentaries:

  • Gulfstream and the Next Ice-Age. Link
  • Big Freeze. Link
  • The North Atlantic Climate: what we need to find out. Link
  • Is Thermohaline Circulation realy at risk? Link
  • Melting point Greenland. Link  Melting isce sheets changes the way earth wobbles on his axis. Link
  • Extreme Ice. Link
  • IPCC Climate Change 2014. Link
  • Little Ice Age, big chill. Link
  • Loss of all coastal cities video. Link
  • What happens when Permaforst thaws? Link

Link to interesting reports & articles:

  • Global-temperature rises could be double those predicted by climate modelling. Link + Link
  • Is this is the end of civilisation? We could take a different path. Link
  • Leaked UN draft report warns of urgent need to cut global warming. Link
  • Antarctic ice melting faster than  ever, studies show. Link 
  • Climate change on track to cause major insect wipeout, scientists warn. Link
  • Water shortages to be key environmental challenge of the century, Nasa warns. Link
  • UN moves towards recognising human right to a healthy environment. Link
  • Total ban on bee harming pesticides likely after major new EU analysis. Link
  • World has three years left to stop dangerous climate change warn experts. Link
  • Regreening the planet could cut as much carbon as halting oil use report. Link
  • China announces huge reforestation plans. Link
  • Ozone layer not recovering over populated areas scientists warn. Link
  • Massive source of “missing” nitrogen could revolutionise climate change projections. Link
  • Future technology cannot “rescue” mankind from climate change, say experts. Link
  • Gulf-stream current weakest for 1600 years, research finds. Link
  • Stronger evidence for a weaker Atlantic Overturning. Link
  • “Day zero” water crises: Spain, Morocco, India and Iraq at risk a reservoirs shrink. Link
  • Erderwärmung lässt jet streams stocken. Link
  • Heatwave sees record high temperatures set around world this week. Link
  • Sunscreen for cows: UK farmers struggle to cope with heatwave. Link
  • CapeTown “Day Zero”drought; odds tripled climate change. Link
  • Most of Europes rivers and lakes fail water quality tests – report. Link
  • Trees are disappearing -and fast- from American cities. Link
  • Dutch rewilding experiment backfires as thousands of animals starve. Link
  • Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles. Link
  • Drug waste clogs rivers around the world, scientists-say. Link
  • Underwatermelting of Antarctic ice far greater than thought, study finds. Link
  • Extreme winter weather becoming more common as arctic warms study finds. Link
  • The interaction of Climate Change and methane hydrates. Link
  • Monsanto demands AVAAZ hands over all of  its campaign data. Link
  • Decline in krill threatens Antarctic wildlife from whales to penguins. Link
  • Climate-change  will push European cities towards breaking point. Link
  • Climate-change spells turbulent times ahead for air travel. Link
  • Dutch cow poo overload causes an environmental stink. Link
  • Cleaning products a big source of urban air pollution, say scientists. Link
  • Stripes of wildflowers across farm fields could cut pesticide spraying. Link 
  • Keep global warming under 1,5 C  or quarter of planet could become arid. Link
  • Worlds first electric container barges to sail from european ports this summer. Link
  • Air bpollution will damage UK health for many years court told. Link
  • Oceans-suffocating! Link & Oceans Losing Oxygen at Breath taking Speeds. Link
  • Alarm as study reveals worlds tropical forests are huge carbon emission source. Link
  • Arctic-permafrost sea ice thawing faster than ever. Link  & Link
  • Insect declines:  new alarm over mayfly is “tip of iceberg”,  warn experts? Link
  • English rivers polluted by powerful insecticides, first tests reveal. Link
  • Farms could slash pesticide use without losses research reveals. Link
  • Winter Cold  Extremes linked to high altitude Polar Vortex Weakening. Link
  • “Death spiral”: half of Europes coal plants are losing money. Link
  • “People seem happier”: how planting trees changed lives in a former  coal community. Link
  • German court to hear Peruvian farmers climate case against RWE. Link
  • Common pesticide can make migrating birds lose their way research shows. Link
  • Monster heat-wave reaches Greenland melting its ice sheet. Link
  • Climate-change will determine humanity’s destiny, says Angela Merkel. Link
  • The non-circular economy: pain allocated far away. Link
  • Seven-megatrends that could beat global warming climate change: there is reason for hope. Link
  • Electric Vehicles: Environmental, Social and Governance Risks. Link
  • Regreening the planet could cut as much carbon as halting oil use report. Link
  • UN warns of unacceptable greenhouse gas emissions-gap. Link
  • Global atmospheric CO2 levels hit record high. Link
  • Climate change isn’t just not hurting the planet it’s a public health emergency. Link
  • Sea levels to rise 1,3m unless coal power ends by 2050 report says. Link
  • Three degree world: Cities that will be drowned by global warming. Link
  • From Miami to Shanghai: 3C  of warming will leave world cities below sea level. Link
  • Ultimate bogs: how saving peatlands could help save the planet. Link
  • Third of earths soil acutely degraded due to agriculture study. Link
  • Warning of ecological-armageddon after dramatic plunge in insect numbers. Link
  • More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas. Link
  • Australian cities to have 50c summer days by 2040 study says. Link
  • Penguin catastrophe leads to demands for protection in East Antartica. Link
  • A woldwide survey on neonicotinoids in honey. Link
  • Melting  Arctic ice cap falls to well below average? Link
  • A lesson learned from Hurricane Irma: capitalism can’t save  the planet- it can only destroy it. Link
  • Harvey Irma damages predicted to cost 290 billion Atlantic hurricane season only at midpoint. Link
  • World has three years left to stop dangerous climate change warn experts. Link
  • Global warming may be worse than thought, cloud analysis suggests. Link
  • Alarm bells we cannot ignore world hunger rising for first time this century. Link
  • Extreme weather deaths in Europe could increase 50-fold by next century. Link
  • Alaska permafrost is thawing. Link
  • Diseases hidden in permafrost  zones thawing could wake up. Link
  • Clouds Cool the Planet. Link
  • Mild floods are declining but intense floods are on the-rise. Link
  • Hurricane Harvey manmade climate disaster world catastrophe? Link
  • How climate change is death-sentence afghanistan highlands global warming? Link 
  • Climate-change to cause humid heatwaves that will kill even healthy people? Link
  • Earths sixth-mass extinction event already  underway scientists-warn. Link
  • Hopes of mild climate-change dashed by new research. Link
  • Rahmstorf: cooling down North Atlantic. Link
  • Climate-change costs will hit Trump country hardest. Link
  • Worst nightmare Europes last primeval forest brink collapse logging. Link
  • Iceberg twice size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic shelf.  Link
  • Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts. Link 
  • Want to fight climate change have fewer children? Link
  • Cold spring = less fruits. Link
  • Water companies losing vast amounts through leakage. Link
  • Planet could breach 1,5C warming limit within 10 years. Link
  • How fo fix climate change: put cities, not countries, in charge. Link
  • New study shows worrisome signs for Greenlans ice. Link
  • Hot appartments: “If we need air conditioning we’ve desingned wrong”. Link
  • Climate Change “human fingerprint” found on global extreme wether. Link
  • Drastic cooling in North Atlanctic beyond worst fears, scientists warn. Link
  • Abrupt cooling over the NA in modern climate models. Link
  • “Airpocalypse” smog events in China linked  to melting ice cap, researcg reveals. Link
  • Groundwater supplies low after dry winter. Link
  • Humans causing faster climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces. Link
  • Pollution de l”air:  les Polonais découvrent “l’airpocalypse”. Link
  • Electric cars will not stem global demand for oil. Link
  • Parts of the US are heating faster than globe as whole. Link
  • Break-off giant iceberg Antartica. Link 
  • Ice-melting forecast for Arctic midwinter. Link
  • Why cutting soot emissions is “fastest solution” to slowing Arctic ice melt. Link
  • Sea ice extent reached record lows in November. Link
  • US East coast sea level and the Gulf Stream. Link
  • Arctic Resilence report. Link
  • Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change. Link
  • World on track for 3c of warming. Link
  • A low carbon furture is the “only one available” Link
  • China’s global dominance of renewable energy and tenchnology. Link
  • Conventional thinking will not solve the climate crisis. Link
  • Collapsing Greenland glacier could rise sea levels by half a metre! Link
  • Greenland’s huge annual ice loss is even worse than thought. Link
  • Impact of climate change no longer subtle. Link
  • An American tragedy…… Link
  • Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought… Link
  • Cilmatge change poses “significant risk” to security. Link
  • This scientist just changed how we think about climate change… Link
  • CO2 levels in atmosphere forecast to shatter milestone. Link
  • Arctic sea ice crashes to record low for June. Link
  • Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace “unprecedented in 1000 years”. Link
  • As Alaska warms, methane emissions appear stable, study finds. Link
  • What Earth’s frozen burps tell us about global warming. Link
  • L’Antropocène est en passe d’être caractérisé comme une nouvelle époque géologique. Link
  • Sculpture controlled by Bees! Link
  • Plan bee: Minnesota sets broad limts… Link
  • How the dormouse is returning to England’s hedgerows after 100 years. Link
  • First mammal species whiped out by human-induced climate change. Link
  • Oil industry knew of “serious” climate concerns more than 45 years ago. Link
  • Keys to convincing people about global warming. Link
  • Paris climate change goals slipping  beyond reach? Link
  • Melting ice sheets changes the way earth wobbles on his axis. Link
  • Greenland sees record-smashing early ice-sheet melt. Link
  • Arctic sea ice falls to record low. Link
  • Loss of all coastal cities? Link
  • The cost of inaction: Recognising the value of risk at climate change. Link 
  • Welcome to climate emergency. Link
  • February breaks global temperture records. Link
  • Greenland’s ice melt accelerating as surface darkens, raising sea levels. Link
  • Large CO2-uptake by young(er) forests. Link Old forests capture plenty of carbon. Link & Wildlife needs forests. Link
  • Decreasing deforestation. Link
  • Record hot years near impossible without manmade climate change. Link
  • Measuring ocean heating  is key to tracking global warming. Link
  • Energy storage in finally poised for a breakthrough. Link
  • France to lay 1.000 km of solar roads. Link
  • Climate change in charts. Link
  • Delay of ice-age due to earths’ warming up? Link
  • Oceans getting hotter. Link
  • Sea level rising underestimated Link
  • Power generation vulnerable climate-change. Link 
  • Living in harmony with snow leopards. Link 
  • Read 19th-century whaling logbooks to understand climate change. Link
  • A dangerous methane leak. Link
  • Limiting Global Warming to 2 degrees Celsius Won’t Save Us. Link
  • Hansen: Global warming is highly dangerous. Link
  • Climate Change is still our biggest national security threat. Link
  • World’s energy systems at risk from global warming. Link 
  • Reversing climate-change? No costs! Link
  • Climate-change key in the  Syrian conflict and it will trigger more war in the future. Link
  • Glacier changes at the top of the world. Link
  • Oceans warming faster. Link
  • Rising water temperatures in north-west Atlantic. Link
  • Extreme heatwaves could push Gulf climate beyond human endurance. Link
  • No, the sun isn’t going to save us from global warming. Link
  • No,  earth is not heading towards a “mini ice age”. Link
  • New Evidence of warming propagating toward Arctic Ocean. Link
  • Ice status report on Climate-Change in the North-Atlantic. Link
  • New studie finds quicker upper ocean warming. Link
  • Carbon-dioxide uptake by oceans/oceans more acidic. Link
  • Climate models are acurate. Link
  • Climate change: A risk assessment (intro). Link
  • Climate change: A risk assessment (report). Link
  • Extreme weather and resilience of global food system. Link
  • Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report. Link
  • Dutch governmentordered to cut carbon emissions. Link
  • Half of Europes’s electricity from renewables by 2030. Link
  • Climate change sensitivity linked to CO2 concentrations in atmosphere. Link
  • Paris Climate pledges will only delay dangerous warming by 2 years. Link
  • Greenhouse gas-caused warming is felt in just months. Link
  • Enough natural gas leaks to negate climate benefits Link
  • Climate Change and the permafrost feed-back. Link
  • Climate Change threatens 50 years progress in global health Link
  • Climate Change triggerd drought contributed to the conflict in Syria. Link
  • Global warming may proceed faster than expected. Link
  • Elevation dependent warming in mountain regions. Link 
  • Effect of climate change on mountain water reserves. Link
  • Wrong conclusion from neonicotinoids study. Link
  • 28% of US bees whiped out this winter. Link
  • Calfornia drought. Link
  • Bee colony collapse disorder caused by neonicotinoids. Link
  • EU will you please tighten the ban! Link
  • A polyester fleece jacket = almost 1.000.000 fibres per wash. Link
Prelude to "The Little Ice Age": medieval agricultural and urban desert
Prelude to “The Little Ice Age”: medieval agricultural and urban desert