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Week 8:

  • Plummeting insect numbers “threaten collapse of nature” Link + Link + Link + Link
  • Climate change is having a major impact on global health. Link
  • “The beginning of great change”: Greta Thunberg hails school climate strikes. Link
  • Climate and economic risks threaten 2008 style systemic collapse. Link
  • Understanding and increasing finance for climate adaptation in developing-countries. Link
  • Scientists track the source of soot that speeds Arctic melt. Link
  • Lakes of melted snow are literally bending Antarctica’s ice shelfs in half. Link 
  • Arctic lakes might emit less carbon than suspected. Link
  • Slaking the-worlds thirst with seawater dumps toxic brine in oceans. Link
  • How climate change may affect winter “weather-whiplash”. Link
  • Climate Change may hurt babies’ hearts. Link
  • European colonization of Americas killed so many it cooled earths’ climate. Link
  • Melting ice sheets could worsen extreme weather. Link + Link
  • Here’s how much ice Antarctica is losing…Its a lot. Link + Link
  • Worlds “third pole” is melting away. Link
  • 2018 was the 4th warmest year on record Berkeley group announces. Link
  • Groundwater is an “environmental time-bomb”. Link
  • The Neuston is a floating ecosystem, and our plastic cleanup push could threaten it. Link
  • US intelligence officials warn climate change is a worldwide threat. Link
  • Food shocks are causing hunger to spike. Link
  • Greenland’s  ice melting faster than scientists previously thought-study. Link
  • How climate will change in cities across the-US. Link
  • European commission classifies palm oil fuels unsustainable. Link
  • How Phoenix is working to beat urban heat. Link