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Week 48 – 50:

  • 2019 may be the hottest year yet – here’s why. Link
  • The best technology for fighting climate change isn’t  a technology. Link
  • Sea levels may rise more rapidly due to Greenland ice melt. Link + Link
  • The “great dying”: rapid warming caused largest extinction event ever, report says. Link 
  • Nations are not reducing emissions quickly enough to meet 2C target. Link + Link
  • Trump rolls back climate change rule that restricted new coal plants. Link
  • CO2 emissions reached an all time high in 2018. Link
  • We need to bring back the Wildwoodsof Britain to fight climate. Link
  • The-tragedy of the commons revisited. Link
  • Freshwater is getting saltier threatening people and wildlife. Link
  • Small-farmers in Mexico keep corn’s genetic diversity alive. Link
  • Here’s how much climate change could cost the U.S. Link
  • Extinction rebellion eyes global climate campaign of non violence. Link
  • Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers. Link
  • Wind turbines can act like apex predators. Link
  • 4 things you should kow about the Black Friday climate report. Link Link
  • A hunt for oil threatens pristine Alaska. Link
  • Rewable quotas don’t cut CO2 emissions on their own. Link
  • You’ve heard of the Anthropocene?  Welcome to the Hellocene. Link
  • Heavy rains and hurricanes clear a path for supercharged mold. Link
  • Climate change already reshaping US, says national climate assessment. Link
  • How coastal communities are already retreating from rising seas. Link
  • Renewable energy is surging but not fast enough to stop warming. Link
  • The Great Barrier Reef is “In for a Rough Ride”. Link
  • Hungary wants end to coal power by 2030. Link
  • Radical Realism for Climate Justice -Reports. Link