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A challenge for an offensive approach towards Climate-Change.

Climate-Change poses immediate threats to us, but we are capable to cope with those threats which are numerous and vary from atmospheric destabilisation to sea-level rising to abrupt cooling or heating of large regions and all this physical events will be causally linked to tremendous effects on economics; possible losses on GDP/GWP rising to 30% – 50% when earth’s temperature rises above 2ºC – 3ºC (Link)

Capable to cope with physical and economic threats? Indeed by  Our Green Spine  helping  taking  the challenge to reverse climate change by our selves here and now! 

There is a direct link between Earths rising temperatures and threats but luckily there is also a direct link to solutions to Reverse Climate-Change  by leverage of natures own processes. (Link “Our-Green-Spine Coolest on Earth”)

So the next question is what cost are involved by Tackling  Climate-Change ? No, wrong question! Better ask “Which of the lurking costs will avoided and what are the incentives of 
Tackling Climate-Change”.

Our-Green-Spine enables us to shift towards a low-carbon and social stable society  by leverage of natures own processes at low/no financial risk, at no/low environmental impact based on new but already proven technology. Expected losses up to 30% of private assets and upto > 40% of general assets  (Link) will be avoided at rated low costs of 0,10% – 0,25% per annum of total expected losses onprvate and general assets.  

So there are incentives in the can for everybody, everywhere! For individuals and communities, for enterprises and impact-investors, in cities and on the countryside, all at low costs and short return to invest. 

But what is Our Green Spine exactly about? For broadening your view, for gaining horizon, read all about it: Link Our Green Spine? 

For those particularly interested in a sustainable/climate resilient country life there is the Our Green Spine -country-branch Good Life Now! Link Good Life Now!

For those particularly interested in ready made products/components/ development & co-creation: Link Smart Encounters & Products.

Tiny ground covering Periwinkle for instance cools the underground upto 2 meters depth and deivers water-vapour by evapo-transpiration
All plant species help to control key-processess radiation and water-management